Corset Top Lace Up Front Hack - by Jasmine

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The new Corset Top is such a fun and amazing pattern. During testing, Rae Miller shared an idea, and I knew I had to try it! Leaving out the center panel and replacing it with a lace up front is brilliant! There are a few things that need to be done for this hack, but they are not complicated!
Pieces required:
Main Pieces
            Front Middle 2 Mirror Images
            Front Side 2 Mirror Images
Corset Back 1 on Fold
Loops and tie- cut 2 fabric strips WOF x 1.5-2”
Lining Pieces
            Front Liner
            Front Side 2 Mirror Images
            Corset Back 1 on Fold
Shelf Bra
            Shelf Bra Front on Fold
            Corset Back 1 on Fold
Choose options and cut corresponding pieces. You’ll need to trim the center front of your Lining Front or Shelf Front pattern pieces and add a S/A to the that piece as well as your Main Middle Front Piece. It should look similar to the image below.
Preparing the loops and tie
  1. Fold your strips of fabric RST, sew, then use your preferred method to pull the right sides out.
  2. Take one strip and cut it into 2” segments. For corset length, I used 10 loops per side. This will vary depending on size and length of your top.
Attaching loops to front
  1. Baste your loops to the front Middle Pieces of your top.
Sewing front pieces
  1. Sew the side pieces to the middle pieces as directed in the pattern instructions
  2. Sew shoulder seams as directed in pattern instructions
Lining and main
  1. Place main and lining pieces RST at the center and neckline
  2. Sew together
  1. Continue with the pattern instructions
  2. One your top is complete, lace it up and trim your tie ends to a comfortable length!!


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