New Release - Tie Back Tank!!

Posted by Joni Pearce on

Greenstyle Creations released the Tie Back Tank this week!  


The Tie Back tank is on trend and so versatile. It is not only perfect for the gym but can also be dressed up for a fun everyday top or a night out.  You can leave it open and flowing or tie it in the back.  This top is perfect to show off your lacy bralette or a cute, strappy sports bra!

The Tie Back Tank has several options including a low neckline or trendy high neckline, binding or bands to finish the neck and arms, racer back or full back.   It has easy to understand tips on how to eliminate the knot and overlap the back and also how to crop it for a super trendy look.  

Sizes Included:  XXS - 3XL 
Skill Level: Confident Beginner 
Pattern Features: PDF Instant Download, Layered Sizes, No Trim Pages, A4 and Large Format available.
Below, are tester photos highlighting the many features and options of the Tie Back Tank Pattern.  For more photos from our amazing and talented testers, visit the Tie Back Tank Photo Album in the Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group.
**  The contributing tester's name is listed below their photo. 
Heather Privette
Melanie Burns
Kara Mooney
OVERLAPPED AT HEM (eliminates knot)
Brenda Schultz
Tasha Gray
Cynthia Hendrickson
Elizabeth De Virgilio
Emily Schimelfenyg
Kara Mooney
Emily Zvorak
Gabz Jefferson
Joni Pearce
BINDINGS (The pattern uses a great technique to give you a really narrow, lightweight binding. 
Sarah Connell
For more information and reviews, visit the blogs listed below from our testers!
Sarah Connell - Sewing with Sarah
Sarah Boses - Sweet Sprocket
Amanda Savoie - Salty and Southern 
Cheers to you! Now go sew a few Tie Back Tanks!   (If you haven't purchased it yet, you can do so here.)  And as always, if you have questions, make sure to ask in the Greenstyle Creations Facebook group page
Mary Cole

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