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The much anticipated Greenstyle Creations Endurance Sports Bra has finally been released!!  This is not your ordinary, unflattering sports bra.  The Endurance is the comfortable, front zip, no-bounce sports bra you have been waiting for.  Very detailed, step by step instructions will walk you through making a bra that you will be very proud of.  You will look and feel great, and never have to buy an $80 sports bra again!!

There are 3 strap options included in the Endurance Sports Bra pattern -- racer back, adjustable straps, and criss-cross straps.  There are also instructions on how to increase the width of the band elastic, to provide additional support.  

The Endurance Sports Bra pattern is divided into two size ranges, so when you are looking to purchase, make sure you take that into account.  Do not go by your ready to wear bra size!  You will need to measure your underbust in order to determine which size range you fall in.  Your full bust measurement minus your underbust measurement determines what cup size you will make. The first size range is Band Size 28-33 inches, cup sizes B-H.

The second size range is Band Size 34-40 inches, cup sizes B-H.

Or you can buy both size ranges in the bundle package.

We had the most amazing testers for the Endurance Sports Bra!  They were all beautiful shapes and  sizes and planned to use the bra for a variety of different purposes.  Many ladies made the Endurance Sports Bra with the intent of working out, but there were several that made it for a swim top, a very sexy going out top,  and also just for a regular, everyday bra.  A few even made a nursing modification for it!  The Endurance Bra has endless possibilities!! 

Do not feel intimidated if you have not made a bra before, or even if you have not sewn a zipper!  The instructions are very detailed and easy understand. In addition to great instructions, you will have the encouragement and help from the very active and supportive Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group page.  If you have not joined yet, do it now!

And now, here are some pictures of a few of the amazing and beautiful ladies that tested the Greenstyle Endurance Sports Bra! So take a look for yourself, and then scroll right back on up the page, hit the link, get the pattern, and make a unique, gorgeous, and fuctional Endurance Sports Bra yourself!   



Endurance Endurance Sports Bra Greenstyle Creations Nursing Modifications Sports Bra Women's Pattern

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  • I need to get the nerves to make this!

    Tammy Hutchings on
  • Is it possible to still view the sew along thanks sew much

    Connie Edwards on
  • Michelle- this definitely separates much better than a regular compression bra. This is due to the separate cups made from polylaminate foam and also the zipper.

    Joni on
  • This looks very much like what I have been seeking! One quick question, though. Is it more of an overall compression bra or does it provide decent separation, particularly for those with more ample cups to fill? Thank you for providing such a broad range of sizes!

    Michelle on
  • Very well written, covered just about everything this fantastic bra can be. You did a fantastic job designing a long awaited, necessary item for my wardrobe, it has become my everyday bra. Thank you Angelyn for your design.

    Synthia Gerritson on

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