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So, when we decided to do a "favorites week" I was in a panic.  How could I choose just one pattern, how could I narrow down my most loved patterns to just one. I couldn't do it.  Do I pick the Super G's, the No Show Thong, the Xpress Tank, the Lille, the Lucy Leggings?  And then there is the Warrior Pants, the Norah, the Centerfield, the Stides, the Green Tee, the Moxi's.... oh, don't forget the Chelsea's, the Midway Bomber Jacket or the beloved Sundance.  Honestly there are so many I love.  It felt like I was being asked to pick my favorite kid,  there is no way to do that... no way at all.

However, I have to pick just one to highlight today. Just one. I think the one pattern I have made several times, with no specific agenda has to be the Pacific Pullover.  Maybe it is the colder weather or maybe it is the fit or the style, but I am drawn to the Pacific Pullover for it's versatility.  I can make it with a quarter zip, no zipper, a hood, no hood, kangaroo pockets or inset panel pockets, long sleeves or NO sleeves!

Recently I have LOVED to make it as a cropped version.  Check out this one is in french terry:

and this cropped one is in supplex:

This one in a soft cotton lycra with mesh back sleeves.

And the most recent is a fantastic full length french terry in a soft heathered olive green:

And now the best part!  I wanna give away a free pattern. Leave a comment here to enter to win a chance at a FREE pattern.  


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  • Love the way you finished it

    Gina Wood on
  • Love this! May have convinced me to go buy it

    Brianna Byman on
  • Hi! I am new to coverstitching and have only practiced on scrap fabrics. I want to make a pullover with coverstitching details similar to your most recent olive green. Are you doing a regular seam which you then center a coverstitch overtop. Or are you serging your seam and then going over the seam after with a coverstitch. Is your coverstitch aligned at the edge of the seam, and enclosing the serged part or is your coverstitch centered over the seam? Just trying to figure out how to do this. Thanks for any feedback you can offer. Janice

    Janice Bos on
  • I love this pattern and I can’t wait to try it out! I would love to win it😁

    Audrey McNabb on
  • I can’t wait to make one! I love your cropped versions!

    Emily Sama on

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